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About us

We are a licensed child care facility at 400 Sackville Dr. Nova Scotia, for children 18 months to 5 years. We have been in operation since February 2005. We were formally Fairview Early Learning Centre, but due to the redevelopment of the building we were leasing we needed to find an alternate location. 

To meet our team, please contact us to set up a time to visit and learn more about our facility.


Our program is a play-based curriculum that focuses on building relationships with peers and adults, inclusion for children will all abilities, diversity, equity, problem solving, building language and communication as well as providing a learning environment that promotes the children’s interests.

Our program provides opportunities for the children to explore, create, investigate and ask questions about their world. This will be done by having a curriculum that is based on a balance of self-directed and teacher led activities that follows along with the NS Early Learning Curriculum Framework, Capable, Confident Curious. The daily program will use the four learning goals:

  1. Well-being

  2. Discovery and invention

  3. Language and communication

  4. Personal and social responsibility


Structured group activities are filled with self-help tasks and group awareness. The Children are learning to develop their own sense of space, while also realizing the importance of respecting others.  Patience and cooperation are key components of participating in-group settings. Children are not only encouraged to be mindful of another child’s boundaries, but to set their own. Children learn from the examples of others, not only their parents and caregivers, but their peers as well.

Contact us

902-252-2809 or by email at

We are currently full for all age groups, we are accepting applications for our waitlist. 

We are unfortunately no longer providing school age care. 

Flexible days for Health care workers, if your schedule changes weekly we are here to support you. 

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